Manuel De VitsLinkedin & SocialSelling expert

Online workshop recording 3 hours duration

LinkedinLead generationmaster-class

The program was built especially for the companies willing to either start or improve the Lead generation process on Linkedin.

Manuel De Vits, a practical sales expert is going to show extensively the system, that he applies in his everyday work and which already gave terrific results for the services he currently sells; these are software development, consulting services, SaaS products.

If you want to find out how to build a process that would give you a sustainable amount of leads from Linkedin every month, sign up for the master-class right now.


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Video teaser from the master-class

The common problems of Linkedin leadgen

- Your don't get the sustainable amount of leads from Linkedin every month- Your Linkedin prospects start a dialogue then disappear forever- You have a few calls with the prospects, but they are not target or not ready to buy- You had some clients from Linkedin previously, but it was mostly a luck- Total deals conversion on Linkedin either 0% or tends to 0%- Algorithms are changed, and now we have a weekly limits of connection requests

On the master-class you'll find out

- What is the system Manuel uses for his own selling activities

- The presumable principles of new Linkedin algorithms and how to write connection requests and messages in the new reality

- How you can build a lead generation process that can constantly fill your pipeline with leads

- A few simple tricks to find leads on a daily basis

- How to do lead generation basing on Social Selling and Personal branding

- How to qualify leads quickly

- How to interact with the prospects: first touch, second touch, warm up, follow up

- How to use content to generate leads

- Which tools to use to automate the routine, to see the extended statistics

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- Event live participation

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-No live participation- Lifetime access to the lesson recording on PracticeBox- Private Telegram group for the participants

Live + video - $79
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Manuel De Vits

Global Evangelist, Customer Engagement Lead, Public Speaker, Social Media Strategist at G-Core Labs
Linkedin & Social Selling Expert

– Built or coached 50+ sales team of IT companies in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Luxembourg, Germany

– Won the title of Sales & Marketing Guru of the year in IT in 2016. Spoke at many international events

– Considered as LinkedIn Expert and Influencer (with post going viral - 120k) - a guess post from him on his LinkedIn profile estimated are 1100$/post

– Host of 3 LinkedIn Local Event Franchise

– Recognized and successful leader in Social Selling. Performing corporate workshops on this topic all around Europe



A few words from people who have been participated in previous Manuel's programs on PracticeBox.

This format worked for me very well; I liked it very much. I don’t even know what you can improve in this. Scheduling personal meetings with Manuel, in addition to lessons, helped me build a complete picture in my head. I used to work with cold Linkedin outreach only, but Manuel changed the approach completely and it is much more pleasant working with this, and I already have the results.


In the beginning, I was skeptical. But the mentorship completely exceeded my expectations. I really liked the way Manuel works on Linkedin and I would like to practice more in that.Of course, the most valuable part of the mentorship is personal meetings. With new Manuel’s approach, I noticed that leads from Linkedin became more relevant, and this is fantastic.And it also became more comfortable to make dialogues on Linkedin.


I liked everything very much and gained a lot of insights how Linkedin works and how really optimize our work on Linkedin. I was really inspired by tricks Manuel provided! As I said, this kind of a mentorship could have cost a lot more.


The mentorship exceeded my expectations! I expected it more about how to work on Linkedin, but in the end, the mentorship was about how to enjoy working on Linkedin. I really liked that Manuel did not tell stories but showed everything on his profile, and the best thing that happened was personal one-on-one sessions. It's also cool that telegram chat is still alive and the participants communicate and help each other even after the mentorship is over.


The thing I liked the most is Manuel's ability to show exact practical steps of using Linkedin based on his profile. There's a bunch of general experts around, but value of this course is in getting precise steps how to do this and that. I expected to get a practical framework and I got it. Thank you so much!


Small group was very efficient for this kind of mentorship. And the mentorship was really useful and valuable.
Manuel provided a lot of tips and tricks; however, in general, there was no "wow" effect for me, probably because I already used the similar approach.
But I would advise Manuel's courses to everyone who starts selling on Linkedin.


Before the mentorship I was curious how to sell on Linkedin without spam and mass messaging. And Manuel provided real working approach for this. From this point of view, mentorship gave a full picture of how to work in Linkedin with results. Also it was great that the mentorship really based on eternal sales core implemented in modern ways of communication and social selling.


If to describe our meeting in three words - amazing, efficient, mega informational. If to say some more words - that meeting was the crucial thing for me in understanding the whole sales process and transition from B2B to P2P way of negotiation. Manuel is the best interlocutor and coach and at the same time he is a really simple guy. Manuel, thank you for your time and answers at all my questions. I hope that in future we can arrange one more meeting. Don`t stop and let`s rock)


I am really excited by results been guided with Manuel's advice! You shared some essential details of how to approach prospects in LinkedIn It works for me and there is no reason it does not work for someone who does the same and works hard. Thank you very much, Manuel. You provide true value.


Provocative and giving simple things lit to the maximum. Obviously Manuel ruins the main obstacle in all of us - fear and he's doing it masterfully. Really necessary push forward for every thinking business maker. I recommend!